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The Canadian distributor for Haier® Medical Equipment



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Pharmacold NAB-50 Ice Maker  
Pharmacold-NAB-50 Ice Maker Canada  
Reliability and Key Features:

Pharmacold NAB-50 flake ice maker is widely used in hospital, pharmacy industy, laboratory, research institute, chemical industry etc.

- Capacity: 110V 60Hz
- Microprocessor thermostat controlled.
- High-quality stainless steel shells, anti-corrosive and
  durable, all-in-one independent structure.
- Storage bin is rust proof with good insulation to proect ice
  from ambient temperature.
- System automatically stop when the bin is full and resumes
  when ice level reduces below certain level.

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Zostavax Vaccine Freezer in Canada  New-Products-2016-pharmacy-fridges-canada

Zostavax Vaccine Fridge in Canada: HYC-68A

We are proud to offer a wide range of ZOSTAVAX and other vaccines' fridges in Canada for use in hospitals, clinics, doctors office, pharmacies and epidemic prevention service.

Zostavax/Vaccine Fridge, HYC-68A

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