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The Canadian distributor for Haier® Medical Equipment



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-85ºC SUF100 Ultra Low Freezer
ultra low freezer - arctiko-suf-100  

This compact ultra low freezer is optimal for lavatory with space constraints and clinical trials. This ULT freezer has a extremely quick pull down time while focusing on low energy consumption is the future. The range has been updated with the advanced Arctiko controller which ensures that all alarm and data logging features are included as standard. The SUF range is produced with the true and original single compressor technology that ensures the lowest noise level available.

Dimensions exterior WxDxH (INCH) 23.6x25.4x35.2
Net capacity (cu FT)  2.6

Temperature range (ºF)

Temperature range (ºC) -40/-85
Power supply (V)  120
Frequency (Hz)  60

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Zostavax Vaccine Freezer in Canada  New-Products-2016-pharmacy-fridges-canada

Zostavax Vaccine Fridge in Canada: HYC-68A

We are proud to offer a wide range of ZOSTAVAX and other vaccines' fridges in Canada for use in hospitals, clinics, doctors office, pharmacies and epidemic prevention service.

Zostavax/Vaccine Fridge, HYC-68A

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Looking for 360medical's medical grade ultra low temperature freezers?



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