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360 Medical - Medical & Labratory Products

The Canadian distributor for Haier® Medical Equipment



Feature products Medical/laboratory/vaccine fridges 

#1 Haier Medical Refrigerator Model: HYC-290 (2-8°C)


#2 Fiocchetti - Refrigerator MEDIKA 250 ECT-F TOUCH
Built into this refrigerator:
- cellular temperature alerting
- cellular power failure alert
- back up battery for monitoring and alarms (5 hrs)
- 7 years of data logging
- keypad user lock entry
- large LED display
- customization of interior (shelves, drawers etc.)
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Zostavax Vaccine Freezer in Canada  New-Products-2016-pharmacy-fridges-canada

Zostavax Vaccine Fridge in Canada: HYC-68A

We are proud to offer a wide range of ZOSTAVAX and other vaccines' fridges in Canada for use in hospitals, clinics, doctors office, pharmacies and epidemic prevention service

Zostavax/Vaccine Fridge, HYC-68A

Looking for Summit medical/pharmacy refrigerators and other alternative?
Looking for 360medical's medical grade ultra low temperature freezers?



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