Temperature Monitoring Solutions

The medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory sectors rely on clear, reliable, consistent data recording and logging. Maintaining proper data logs are essential for all avenues of these industries – from the large research laboratory storing vital specimens to the small community clinic running vaccine programs – each need to obtain and show consistent data recording in […]

Safe Storage and Handling Practices – Part 2

Proper Refrigerator Organization Ensuring your refrigerator is properly organized can make all the difference in maintaining an efficient cold chain supply solution. The following pointers are some important and helpful tips in order to ensure safe handling practices for vaccine program and biomedical/pharmaceutical settings. Vaccines should be away from the refrigerator walls, floors and cold-air […]

Safe Storage and Handling Practices – Part 1

Having the proper refrigeration equipment is the first important step to ensuring product safety and efficiency at your facility. You also need to have appropriate vaccine storage and handling practices and procedures in place. By doing so you can maintain vaccine quality and potency and also minimize waste. Here are some important practices to include […]

Why use a purpose built medical refrigerator in your Pharmacy, Doctor’s office or Laboratory over a standard domestic refrigerator?

We receive this question on a regular basis here at 360 Medical and hope this information will help medical personnel understand why storing temperature sensitive vaccines, medications, products or samples is not ideal in a standard domestic refrigerator. The two main functional issues with storing medical grade items in a domestic refrigerator are: Un-even temperature […]